Up-In-The-Air Hair


Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, for work, or for a mega-glam mid-winter vacay – the cold, hard truth is that flying can wreak havoc on your hair (it’s so sad, because what’s more fun than a quick getaway?).  The dry, artificial air pumping into airplanes can leave hair dehydrated and seriously static-y.  Here’s why: moisturized hair dissipates charge.  Since dry hair doesn’t have water to release this built-up charge, your strands – each of which carries negative energy – will repel each other, causing static.


The key to squelching in-flight static is moisture, moisture, moisture.  Your tresses can’t get enough!  Thanks to the artificial air in planes, your hair can become drier than ever – so use a hydrating shampoo every time you wash.  Also, saturate your strands with a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask bi-weekly to replenish lost moisture. If your hair is thin or fine, try coating just the bottom half of hair with conditioner (or only the ends, if your mane’s on the oily side).


Before you arrive at the airport, make sure your hair is fully air-dried or blow-dried – wet or damp hair can actually freeze in cold weather, making it more prone to breakage.  After you dry it, smooth on a gloss to keep your style supple.


Before you board, try applying a moisturizing crème to your strands and creating a braid – this is a fab way to keep your tresses hydrated and protected on the plane. To combat bad hair at the end of an ultra-long flight, always bring a chic scarf or headband to sweep back staticy-y strands in a flash.


We all know how amazing BB Creams are for your skin (they smooth, prime, and moisturize, simultaneously).  Now, Pantene introduces the first BB Crème for hair, with the Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème collection -- including the Crème, Shampoo and Conditioner. Instead of relying on a cocktail of products to combat dryness and frizz while you’re traveling, these multi-tasking gems offer ten different benefits, including repairing, smoothing, strengthening, frizz-busting, and heat-protecting your hair.  De-clutter and invest in these all-in-one products!